Phishing for Hilarity

I got an email from my bank, only it’s a bank I’ve never been a customer of, and the To: address was one of my old business contact addresses (and never used to register for anything).  So in that second before succumbing to the inevitability of hitting the ‘Report phishing’ button, I took the time to roll over the link.

I know some of the Kiwibank branches aren’t exactly flash, but they’re running them out of car washes now?  So, seriously, what is it with these people? And how can this sort of inept scam still work?

Question mark.

People stupid enough to fall for trickery this transparent could be weeded out by a simple 3 step test and … steps taken.

Step 1 – Instructions: “If you click the link below we will forward your details to terrorists.  If you wish to proceed without being exploded to death by an Irishman, do anything other than clicking the link below.”

Step 2 – Provide a link: “Click here if you want to be murdered using haphazardly constructed explosives.”

Step 3 – Murder anyone who clicks the link.  (Or if you’re feeling generous switch the ‘CustomerIsAnIdiot’ field of the database to True.)