Iron Man (2008)

Almost certainly one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2008 is upon us.  So anticipated was it, in fact, that I posted the trailer right here on my site.

There was such a strong response to the trailer, that The Onion dropped some of their own brand of too long but still very funny snark on it.

As of Thursday, the full length adaptation of the trailer is out, and is it good?

No, I’m afraid it’s not good, it’s very good.

Funny, action packed, and unlike other recent comic book adaptations such as Spider-man the hero is a hero, not a whiney-ass emo bitch who moans and complains about how hard it is to be a hero.  Tony Stark is not emo.  Tony Stark is WIN.

If you like action movies, or action comedies, or comic book adaptations I think you should go see it.  Including people who like comic book adaptations is almost certainly redundant as they already have.  Fucking fanboys.