Rambo (2008)

You already know what I’m going to say about this movie.  You reckon.  I reckon.
So let me get it out there right up front: This is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in years.  It’s completely awesome.

You don’t know if you believe me, do you?  But it’s true – I dug the hell out of this damn movie.  The audience literally (I’m not kidding) applauded at the end.

You also don’t know quite how violent it is – with an average of one death every 23 seconds, there’s a lot of killing – and it’s not just killing, it’s incredibly explosive pieces of flying meat, bodies exploding in half, bursting head, killing.

And yes, John gets his bow out.  Oh boy, does he ever.

If you can put yourself in the right frame of mind to enjoy some ultraviolence, I strongly urge you to find the time to bask in the glory of this complete fragfest.