Smashing Pumpkins (& QOTSA)

[flv: 640 360]

A few things I didn’t mention in the vid:
Billy Corgan wore a fetching silver metallic skirt well matched to a silvery Zero t-shirt.
The kids in the mosh were idiots, with a lot of stupid shoving and surging (and P.S. very little of this music really justified a mosh, most of it was a couple of notches down the intensity level from there – at the jump up and down stage, no higher).
Several folks decided, at various times, that the middle of a huge tightly packed crowd was a great place to spark up a bit of weed. Being subjected to other people’s smoke when you really don’t have any reasonable way of avoiding it is completely fucked. It smelled like brain damage.
Queens of the Stone Age seemed pretty good, but I’m not a big fan, and only know 1 or 2 of their songs.

I did try to get a better camera before the gig, but the shop I visited claimed to have stock on their website, then in store pretended ignorance (and surprise, inflated the price by $200 at the same time as offering ‘free’ delivery – pretty stink, and distinctly non-New Zealandish, tactics).

I remember really enjoying the Smashing Pumpkins last time I saw them – all the way back in the depths of 1994 – and I enjoyed them again this time, but perhaps playing for 20 minutes less, and getting more focus with their set list, would sharpen things up a bit.