Cloverfield (2008)

(This post contains *NO SPOILERS*.)

From J. J. Abrams the creator of Lost, comes this very sneaky-hush-hush movie – but what is it? Well, us normal folk aren’t really privvy to that information. Indeed, it seems that the name, Cloverfield, which has been used for all of the advance publicity is a ruse itself. The point appears to be that people should be surprised, they shouldn’t know what’s going on when they walk into the theatre. Hitchcock did the same thing, though to a lesser degree – when he asked people not to give away the any of the twists in Psycho to their friends. I’m completely down with this idea, I hate spoilers.

That moment, in a movie, when you realise that you’ve been had – I remember distinctly what it was like in Fightclub (astonishing), and that moment in 6th Sense, when the hairs on my neck literally stood on end. It is awesome, and it’s something you really can only get in a movie. I love it. So if some fucking twerp spoils that for anyone, he should be put in a sack and dropped in a lake.

I say ‘seems’, because they’ve flat out said that it isn’t the name of the movie, so it might be the name of the movie, but saying it isn’t makes people think more is going on that is. You know, like in Lost. You remember that show? You used to like it.

Of course, it might well be that just calling it Godzilla 2 – Godzilla’s Mum is ANNGGRRRYYY would give the game away. And indeed, it could possibly be a Gojira movie, as all indications point to it being a big-giant-monster-attacks-New York movie. What with the Statue of Liberties head smashing into the road (in the trailer) and all of the people running screaming for their lives. So instead it’ll be Lost – The Motion Picture.

It also appears to be shot entirely from the point of the view of a part-goers handycam, very Blair Witch. Which could be fine.

(And PS, and BTW, and NB: this means that any old bastard could potentially make this movie – if they were smart & had lots of friends. Just wanted to point that out, in light of my two thousand word rant from the other day.)

So, gimmicks. Yeah.

Of course, I don’t really know anything certain, as I’m writing this “review” before seeing the movie – I’m catching the premiere tonight at midnight. I’ll make another post with an actual write-up under the movie’s correct name tomorrow. If I live.

Am I looking forward to it? Yeah, I am. But I’m prepared to be disappointed, which in my experience tends to be the best way to walk into a theatre.

(So yeah, no links or additional information at this stage because I think the movie might be out in some territories right now, and I really don’t want to see any spoilers.)