It was a beautiful day on Saturday, and some smart girl had the brilliant idea of having a picnic… somewhere. So she told me to choose and venue, and prepared all the food. I ran through the possibilities, and opted to just drive all around the Waitakere Ranges, having a complete fucking blast on Scenic Drive in the Roadster (it loves the hell out of the tight twisty turns, and performs like a road eating monster), before rolling to a halt for lunch on the grass by a beach in a nice little bay.

Picnic with LanguageGirl. 29-12-07

I’m abridging the driving experience rather a lot, but how many corners do you want me to describe? None I bet. Take it as read that we cruised around with the top down lapping up the sun on a beautiful day for a long while before finally stopping for a kai.

What a lovely day. 🙂