2 thoughts on “Paint the planet.

  1. Ooh, I like the girl. And it’s interesting how the concrete grey anti-graffiti paint provides such an excellent background colour for stencils and stuff.

  2. Yeah, she’s lovely – small but perfectly formed, you can see her shoulder on the left side of the Monkey photo. Both on the side of the old Bronze Goat, and right across Ponsonby Rd from where the gyrocopter and so on pictures I put up a while ago are. I guess there are a couple of fucking awesome street artists just in that area.

    Hmm, oh the monkey is in the same spot that the unbelievably goddamn good Queen on the Wheels of Steel was. So yeah, lots of talent right there. And it all just gets painted right over. There’s something very cool about that.

    (The tagging, on the other hand, is shite.)

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