SkyCity Cinemas – Where Movies PaymentEngineException

Remember, years ago, when booking movies online was still new (coincidentally, about the same time as Pizza Hut started doing their online thing as well), the Village site would fail, and then fail, and then fail, and then you’d just use the phone booking line? Well, it sure was a relief for those days to be done with. Or so I thought. (Naïve, right?)

Skycity Cinemas - Useless Error Message

How useless is that error message? This is debug information, stuff the developer might be able to use to diagnose the problem – but is completely useless for a normal end user. Note, for example, that it doesn’t say ‘your booking didn’t go through, you’ll need to get your tickets some other way, but don’t worry – we won’t be billing your credit card’ at any point.

I’m very excited about PaymentEngine, Stack Trace, and System.Web.UI.Page.RaisePostBackEvent, but would really rather it if you’d just let me book my tickets. kthx.