The Brave One (2007)

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There was no buzz about this movie at all. But it fell onto my (actually surprisingly long) list of ‘movies to see’ when I saw the trailer, you see I quite like the idea of people sorting shit out. Washing the filth off the streets, and so on.

Anyway, our radio show host and heroine (anti-heroine even? Anyway, Jodie Foster) is sickeningly lovey dovey with her hot English fiance, then he gets beaten to death, and she gets beaten to the brink of death. She recovers physically, more or less, but emotionally she’s very badly damaged (never mind the loss of her lover, she lost the trust of the city she loved – New York).

Her emotional damage is patched up, to her surprise, when she gets a big fuck off gun. Her confidence returns when the killing starts.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but let’s just say that there’s a good cop on the case, and they play a bit of cat-and-mouse.

Strongly recommended to all.

P.S. Jodie foster has nice ( o Y o )s.