Californication (TV, 2007)

If you don’t like Heroes, and you can only find the time to watch one TV show right now, you really, really (I can’t emphasise this strongly enough) MUST make that one show Californication.

David Duchovny in what must be one of the strongest roles I’ve seen in a TV show in a long time. The premise is reasonably simple: writer, living in LA, separated from the mother of his daughter, and his travails in writer’s block, being a dad, wanting his ex back, and getting a hell of a lot of hot L.A. women. It’s funny, cool, smart, mean, sweet, and hot.

There’s a lot of sex. An incredible amount. I don’t want to pretend that’s all there is, because it isn’t – this really is a great show in many ways – but two of my favourite scenes happen to be sex scenes. Forgive me. (Bygones.)

Bookshop Girl: “Are you going to come?”
Hank: “I don’t see why not.”
Bookshop Girl: *punch*… *punch*

Californication (TV, 2007) - Sex Punch

Hank: “I don’t think Tom & Katie would approve of what we’re doing right now.”
Hot Scientologist: “Oh God, shut up and fuck me already.”
Hank: “Are you Clear yet?”
Hot Scientologist: “Shut up and fuck me.”
Hank: “You’re one kinky Thetan.” *proceeds to get ass-bumped off the bed, bashes his head, then pukes on a painting*

Californication (TV, 2007) - Coitus Inter-pukus

It’s really, really good.

Ok, so maybe part of why I like it is that I really want a lot of this guy’s lifestyle – and I’m not talking about the easy women here – the lounging around, writing when he can, trying to be a great dad, hanging out with friends drinking, doing bumps off a hookers ass, and so forth.

Anyway, I’m working my way towards some of it. I reckon I’ve nailed the drinking and crying about my broken heart part, not doing quite so well with the successful novels, or movie deals. Walk before you can run, right?

Californication (TV, 2007)

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve woken up on the floor of the lounge, naked and still drunk from the night before.

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