What on Earth is going on at the World Cup?

I was watching reruns of the first Rugby World Cup match between the All Blacks and Italy tonight, and something caught my eye that for some reason I didn’t notice when I watched the game live the other day.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, or perhaps it was a prank from someone at TV 3?
Outside Backs

But there he was again while the boys were waiting to run out onto the field…
Ready to go on field

I feel like I’m going crazy.
Going in for a Try!

But if you can score, you can stay…
Just look at that, beautiful.

He’s not even a New Zealander is he?
Darth Howlett

[Edit: Hi Public Address readers, and thanks for the link Russell.]

3 thoughts on “What on Earth is going on at the World Cup?

  1. But shouldn’t we be concerned about his wheezing? I mean, you wouldn’t want him to run out of breath when he’s attempting to score a try. Or is it a special rugby helmet with extra oxygen?

  2. Millions of Italian voices cry out in terror, and are suddenly silenced… And you’re worried about a bit of wheezing?

  3. There is something about the blackness of the jersey.
    All Ozzys must die!

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