The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Hot on the heels of Die hard 4.0 (‘Live Free or Die Hard’ if you live in WeirdAmerica) comes the last in the Bourne Trilogy.

Well I say last because there were only three books. That doesn’t mean they won’t try and make more movies, of course… After all, the Bourne movies really don’t have that much in common with the Bourne books: Bad-ass gets amnesia after being shot, hilarity ensues. That’s about where the similarities begin and end. For instance, in the books, in number three Bourne should be happily married and working at (as I recall) a university in the States. But never mind.

This time around, Bourne is after the folks who made him the man he is, discovering that Treadstone was only one project under a larger umbrella (Blackbriar) that covered all black & wet ops under curtain of deniability.

Lovely things: Bourne getting badly hurt and… lots of car chases. (Including one on a dirt bike, in which Bourne pulls off some awesome Trials style riding, very good stuff.)

Another lovely thing: The return of our Nicky. Such a darling girl. And the source of the most stressful sequence in the movie. Dear sweet thing.

Maybe a bit overdone: The shaky camera work. It frames the action well, but there was just too much of it.

I don’t want to drop any spoilers, so let’s just say: If you like action movies, you have to see this one.

(P.S. Dear girl at the movies by herself, sitting next to me on Sunday evening. You don’t read my website and will never see this message: but I think you’re awesome. I was the one that arrived with a couple of girls and made you move over one seat. Thank you for smelling like flowers and being so cool. I’d be happy to let you sit next to me in other movies in future. It’s too bad you ran off as soon as the credits started to roll, you were about to be met with the full force of a charm offensive.)