Some days I’m all about the Bs.

General, Reckons

I had a very B’ish afternoon out with OfficeGirl. Books at Hard to Find in Ponsonby, burgers at Burgerfuel, and finally beers and billiards at the Ponsonby Snooker Centre. (Ok, I confess we didn’t actually play any billiards, but ‘a couple of games of pool and a few games of 9’ doesn’t have so much as a single solitary little ‘B’.)

You know what else starts with B? That’s right: Beaten. It turns out that OfficeGirl is a shark.

Sunday by the Pool

It’s good fun hanging out with new friends. (Old friends are smelly. I’m talking about you, smelly old friends!)

3 thoughts on “Some days I’m all about the Bs.

  1. But we still love you!
    When are you going to come over and see our new house?

  2. Believe it or not, but I don’t actually own a car right now, so it’s not so easy to just pop over to the Shore. (It certainly doesn’t help my ‘spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a depreciating hunk of petrol burning metal’ motivation that I live in Grafton, and work all the way over in Grafton.)

    P.S. *points and laughs* Smelanie! Smelanie!

  3. Ahhh yes the no car problem.

    Dammit – my name does not have an S in front of it!!!

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