Some days I’m all about the Bs.

General, Reckons

I had a very B’ish afternoon out with OfficeGirl. Books at Hard to Find in Ponsonby, burgers at Burgerfuel, and finally beers and billiards at the Ponsonby Snooker Centre. (Ok, I confess we didn’t actually play any billiards, but ‘a couple of games of pool and a few games of 9’ doesn’t have so much as a single solitary little ‘B’.)

You know what else starts with B? That’s right: Beaten. It turns out that OfficeGirl is a shark.

Sunday by the Pool

It’s good fun hanging out with new friends. (Old friends are smelly. I’m talking about you, smelly old friends!)

3 thoughts on “Some days I’m all about the Bs.

  1. Believe it or not, but I don’t actually own a car right now, so it’s not so easy to just pop over to the Shore. (It certainly doesn’t help my ‘spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a depreciating hunk of petrol burning metal’ motivation that I live in Grafton, and work all the way over in Grafton.)

    P.S. *points and laughs* Smelanie! Smelanie!

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