Channeling Jackie

Let me just get a few things out of the way quickly…

Movie 1. People have been divided on the coolness of Transformers, and let me just say this one thing about it… It’s a very cool good fun movie as long as you pretend the Transformers never ever ever speak. An edit where they just let them have cool voices (or no voices) instead of the awful goddamn 1980s cartoon voices would be flat out awesome. Everything Optimus Prime said was cheesy, and his voice was fucked. The action was cool, the effects were pretty good. The transforming sequences were enough to make 20ish year old girls go ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeee’. Bumblebee was cool, being a Camaro was fine. (And wowie, but have you ever met a movie that was more ideal for automotive product placement? They could probably have shown it gratis and still made a profit. I bet.)

Movie 2. Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer SUCKS. (But the Silver Surfer was very cool. Especially when he was off the board and all kind of gunmetalish. Even the Silver Surfer rocking out like the natural born bad mother fucker he is can’t save this movie. The Fantastic Four are just too godawful cheesecake to make for a good modern comic book super hero movie without more changes.) (I did like some things about it, the product placement product placement joke was good, for instance and Jessica Alba’s bare ass perhaps even better, though it was the only good thing about her entire performance.)

Movie 3. Sicko. I’m sure everyone has already seen this, so you already know it’s bloody good. Only the most insane frothing at the mouth lefty would deny that Moore sometimes, let’s just say ignores facts that don’t support his position? But this is still a fabulous little docco. Possibly his best yet.

Movies I’m looking forward to: Bourne 3. Die hard 4.
Other things I’ve been enjoying: Evenings with the friendgirl. Sweet little girly sleep noises. The Chinese laundry.

2 thoughts on “Channeling Jackie

  1. Bring on Die Hard 4 – probably the movie I’m most looking forward to seeing!

  2. Shit yes. I love me some John McClane action… Watching him get progressively more and more injured as the movie progresses – he’s like a superhero that has the superpower of ‘be made of fragile meat’. So cool.

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