Spore delayed again.

Dear Internet,

I was really looking forward to Wil “SimEverything” Wright’s new game Spore.

It’s been in development since 2000, it was revealed to the public in 2004, it was demoed in 2005, and has a huge buzz amongst gamers of all stripes. The demo in 2005 looked so mature that it was widely expected to be available in 2006. Then it was expected in March of this year. Then it was delayed until later this year, then it was delayed until the beginning of 2008, now it’s been delayed until “financial year” 2009. Which might mean some time in late 2008, or perhaps the beginning off 2009.

This is a game. A game they’ve been working on for 7 years. Not International space Station attitude control code. A game.

A game I wanted to play. This desire is rapidly waning.

Oooh, maybe the delays are due to bugs in their procedurally generated excuse making program? Once that’s ready, we can have seemingly endless excuses, in just a 2K download. (Even dial-up users can have endless excuses! Now that’s customer centric thinking!)

Okay, I’ve changed my mind about this whole thing… This isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity. Now I’m looking forward to this bright rainbow flavoured future full of user contributed, procedurally generated excuses and disappointments.

The Morgan