Pirates… Forever. And ever.

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I managed to trick cool fun girl into another date (it was easy – I’m super charming and smell fabulous). This time instead of completely blowing her mind, I opted for a more gentle evening: Delicious Korean food, a drink and a movie.

The Korean food was good (in the former Minsokchon premises, menu is a little more confusing, but the food is still pretty much as good), a drink is self explanatory – which it had better be if it has that much tequila in it, as I’m certainly not going to be explaining it.

And for the movie we went to the latest Pirates movie. It was ok, but it would have been even better if I hadn’t grown old and died watching it.

Good things: Hallucinating Captain Jack. Crabs. Johnny Depp. The monkey. A nice refreshing glass of Long Island Ice Tea before going in. And just in passing: Keira Knightly. (If she begged me, and promised she’d leave before I woke up, I’d consider letting her have sex with me. But it would have to be very sincere begging. And I hope she doesn’t mind if I read my book while she does whatever it is that she seems so keen for.)

Bad things: Too long. The Keith Richard’s stuff with the guitar was a bit on the nose.

Anyway, yay for the long weekend – bloody good timing too, I’ve got a lot of stuff planned.

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  1. Korean + drink + pirates? Yeah, that’s how you do it.

    Any single gentlemen reading this would be wise to follow the Monkey’s blueprint for seduction.

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