Emo-Man 3 : The Emo Dances

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Okay, so maybe that’s just what I call it in my head…  Clearly I’m referring to the latest iteration in the Spider-Man franchise.  I saw it last week, and it was pretty much what I expected.  Toby Maguire still can’t really act, but I guess the movie on the whole is okay – though could be cut in length by a good 30 minutes.

The bad guys were adequate.  Bad guys who are normal flawed people, but with super powers, are interesting.  Though I reckon the movie could have done without the Staypuffed Sand Man.  Without wanting to provide too much in the way of a spoiler, that thing with the pipes to get Venom sucked.

The dancing, which started off being weird and creepy, quickly progressed to weird and creepy and funny.  But the emo?  This I didn’t like.  Surely they could have expressed Peter’s personality changes some other way than with eyeliner and an emo fringe.

Gag me.