Your Favourite Ever No Video Video. (I bet.)

[flv: 320 240]

My mucus production is incredible.

3 thoughts on “Your Favourite Ever No Video Video. (I bet.)

  1. I am high on Codral and I have conjuntivitis in my right eye so I can only see out of my left eye (LIKE A PIRATE) and everything is all whooooo.

    I liked the new theme song and all the nose blowing, but I fully lol’d when the lamp fell over.

  2. I’m high on California rolls. (I am not high.)

    Maybe I should have gotten some codral, I’m only rolling with vicks and panadol right now. This is a weird cold. For once thing it’s already last too long, for another it seems to get just a little bit worse each day.

    (Thankfully the runny nose has abated, unfortunately it’s been replaced by a very slight head-ache, which is reinforced by the odd chesty cough shaking my poor brain around.)

    (It’s a big brain, so when it shakes, it ShHAaahhSShhhaaakKKKEes.)

    I’ve got a rough idea for three shows I want to get shot and cut and up, but I’m not doing anything more until I’m not sick – especially as two of them involve booze – or until my DSL is moved over to my new place here (2 – 10 days, I’m told)… I’m also quite tempted to not shoot any more until I have a good camera again, I really hate the fuji, but I think I will anyway.

    I’m happy with the music, I’m not sure if I’m happy with the show name. But I need to have something at the beginning and the end to at least give me somehting like a basic structure… And with the way I write my scripts (I don’t write scripts) and plan my shots (I don’t plan my shots) I need really need something to ground each one a little bit.

    It’s all part of getting a good workflow together so it doesn’t take so long, but so it still says what I want to say with maximum entertainment units per minute.

    I don’t think it’s possible for me to stop dropping those creepy bits in though… It’s a serious compulsion.

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