Bodysurf to your doom!

On the weekend we decided we should roll out in the Benz, grab a friend and do the 150KM+ cruise down to Hahei for a swim.  On the way we enjoyed a delicious (but very over-priced) lunch at Colenso, a cafe not far from Hahei.

At the beach Zach and I did some swimmin’, and some body surfin’, and then lied to Claire about how warm the water was until she came in as well.

It turns out that if the waves are only good for body surfing when you’re about 2 metres from the sand, and if the angle of the shore is really steep to the water, that you scrape the hell out of your belly and arms when you ride a wave at full speed into the beech.  And then you bleed for a while.

We decided to kick off around the coast a bit to check out
Hotwater Beach, where none of us had been before, so we toweled down and jumped back in the benzo, Hotwater Beach seemed much nicer than Hahei – for one thing they had a shower to wash off in.  And for another they had a perfectly placed sand bank, positioned exactly right to catch some awesome waves off.  Damn we got some good body-surfing in.

On the way back to the city we decided to have some dinner at Mezze, before we could even get past Manukau though, we found ourselves behind an extremely bad (and possibly drunk) driver, swerving from lane to lane, so we *555’ed and I went off in pursuit as she drove around South Auckland.  Stopping in the middle of the road.  Doing numerous u-turns, and so forth.  She sucked.  After the u-turns I decided to give her a bit of breathing room, and so of course she disappeared – not before we gave a damn good description of her, her car, and her license plate to the police though.

Mezze was great, I had Morrocan Meatballs and shared a couple of Claire’s things.  Then we headed to Galbraith’s where some friends were having a quiet drink.  (They do a great Porter there, yummo.)

Great day, and surprisingly comfy for me considering I drove damn near 400km.

For a swim.