More tease, vicar?

General, Reckons

So I haven’t been writing here much lately, so I’m not going to fix that until tomorrow.  But I promise that I will, in fact, do so.

I’ll be talking about many things, not least of which:

  • Japanese food.
  • Unromantic birthday presents.  (AKA: terrifying kitchenware.)
  • How Telecom is murdering the internet in New Zealand.
  • Trips to the zoo.  (Including the consumption of mice and cakes.  And apples.  And cigarettes. (AKA: terrible excuses for revolting habits.))
  • What I should have been doing lately, but wasn’t.  (Writing and painting, to put it bluntly.)
  • How great it can be to run your own life, even when it’s not at it’s most lucrative.

Actually, that’s a lot of things, maybe I’ll spread it out over a few days.  (And, the Telecom thing, that might go up over at one of my other sites in a more serious essay form.  This site, you may have noticed, is not for the serious.  No indeed, this site is for the trivial.)