The big secret.

A lot of you already know this, and those of you that don’t might be a tad confused, but the big secret is that two of them were already convicted rapists, and currently live in jail.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this changes everything.  Now, why is it important that this fact is still to be kept from the public?  Is it because it will instantly, completely change everyone who wasn’t sure’s mind?  How does that matter now?  The only even remotely decent justification that springs to mind is that there is yet another case being brought against them.  And if that’s the decent justification, isn’t that a little, you know, indecent?

This is the reason that I think the adversarial system of law just doesn’t exist to bring justice – for that you need a fact based system.  Hiding the history of one party because you can argue well, while publically pillorying another party because their lawyer isn’t quite so shit-hot spoils the system and makes it easier to "get off" if you’re rich.  This can never be just.  I once asked a defence lawyer whether he’d ever defended someone successfully and later found out they were guilty, he said yes of course, I asked how he felt about that, he didn’t give a shit – but he didn’t give a shit at the same time as he busted out a shit-eating grin.  The sort of ‘don’t give a shit’ that actually means ‘I paid off my mortgage, so fuck the victims.’

Welcome to your favourite open, honest, and transparent democracy.