A weekend with friends.

Saturday night we have Harrison over for dinner, he brought Dylan & Melanie with him. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be a little ladies man, especially with that sketchy godfather of his.  He certainly does like to cop a good grope.

Claire & Harrison

Claire put together a very nice spread of mixed salad with balsamic, absolutely perfect tuna steaks, and even made a fresh rocket pesto for the potatoes.  Delicious.

Salad with balsamic, tatoes with rocket pesto, and perfect tuna steaks with lemon juice.

Sunday we had Adam & Sandra over, decided we’d like something easier this time, and got some very good fish & chips from a place at Greenwoods Corner.

Claire & Sandra preparing their meals.

The fish (snapper) was really good, the chips were just about perfect, and the potato fritters were crispy and wonderful, about the only thing they don’t do really well is a humble burger, I’ve had bacon, egg & cheese burgers there – the patties tend to be pretty crappy, and the buns are small and boring, last night though I went for a terakihi burger which was pretty good, same disappointing bun, but the fish was far better than their patties.  Also got some crumbed prawns which were good, and Sandra had a crab stick, I don’t know what she thought of it.

This morning, as Claire was getting ready for work, I noticed that she’d warmed up the coffee machine, so while she was drying her hair, I whipped up a ristretto espresso for her, but that’s not all – con panna!  Yum.

Espresso Con Panna

We got a new burr grinder, which is nice, I made the espresso with Allpress beans.  Man the house smells good when I’ve been making coffee.

What did you do on your weekend?