Moving on out.

We’re moving to the nice new place in Epsom on Saturday, we’ve booked a couple of guys with a truck to move all our heavy shit, and we’ve packed 90% of our worldly goods into cardboard boxes in the spare bedroom.

I’m always surprised by how much booze we have.  Must be 30 bottles of various things.  (Mostly wine, of course, but surprisingly much vodka.  Skyy, Absolut, and a couple of bottles of 42Below.)

My stereo is in a box, my CDs are all in boxes.  Even my books are all boxed up and hidden away.  It’s funny how you suddenly want to start listening to more music when you can’t – I mean, only funny considering how little I listen to the good stereo – I mostly just listen to a crappy little clock radio tuned to National.  It sits on the big filing cabinet in my office, while the nice Denon components are away in the lounge.

We’ve sold heaps of stuff through TradeMe, too.

We discovered that we had loads of cool stuff that we weren’t using.  Claire sold ~10 pairs of shoes, many of which had never even been worn, I sold the weight bench and boxing bag (there’s nowhere for them in the new place, and while I really enjoy going out to the garage and pushing up some weights and getting my arms all pumped up, I don’t fancy doing it in the garden shed in the new place) my old car stereo, a powered subwoofer, and so on and so forth.  All well worth while.

Anyway, I have to go to a late meeting with some clients in an hour or so, and I need to get ready and head down to Manukau, so adieu, and get out of my theatre.