Tagging is NOT street art.

General, Reckons

Charmingly, over night someone decided that the wall around our property looked like a great place to shit.  By which I mean, paint their revoltingly tacky tags.  They also painted one of our neighbors’ cars, I helped him get it off with a bit of turps and some elbow grease.

Then I went ahead and turpsed off the worst of the paint on the walls and windows (the windows were nice and easy) and repainted all the walls.  There was a certain sense of urgency, as we had some people coming to look at the house to rent it at 12:30.

Who’d move into a freshly spray painted house?  Not me.

The girl that lives in there must have been delighted to go outside in the morning and find "Bitch" sprayed in foot high letters on her wall.

Our lovely gate.

Jeeze.  So much painting.  Bastards.

That's right, all over the window too.

If your browser doesn’t suck, rolling over the images will show you the cleaned up walls and suchlike.