New Zealand Television, now with added fibre and political satire…

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Did you catch The Pretender last night? No, not the old Usian thing with a weird guy that fakes being a doctor, or a whatever, and so forth, this The Pretender was on TV3, and it looked like it was made by TV3, and is about the wealthy moron National candidate for Wakatipu South called Dennis Plant, a Queenstown property developer, and arrogant, ignorant, fool.

It’s an obvious rip-off of The Office, but it’s still pretty cool with it. Also: weird.

Did anyone know this was coming? I hadn’t heard anything about it, never an advert or anything, it just came on late last evening as we were about to retire for the night.

The especially cool thing was all the cameos, I noticed Helen Clark, Rodney Hide, Trevor Mallard. I don’t know yet if it was revealing that there was no National leadership presence, but that might be coming later (or indeed may have happened as I took out the rubbish).

I liked it.

In other news, we went with F&K&littleM for a nice (haard) walk up a long hill in the Waitaks, starting up the North end of Piha, was a killer uphill, for me. But we had a nice biscuit break on, (I think), Fisherman’s Point. Very very nice, with White’s Beach on the right, Piha North on the left, and a bunch of useless (and apparently) rich bodyboarders trying to catch the loverly swells waaay down below us. (In fact, they were all dropped off by a charter boat, and then bobbed around missing so many waves that F ended up cupping his hands to his mouth a laying down the law with a shouted "You SUCK!")

George loved playing on the beach, but what’s new?

Moving ever backwards in this update, on Saturday we spent a lot of time in the garden, weeding, binding, mowing, etc. It looks much better now, we’d let it go into Winter mode, which is the least lovely mode for a garden.

And on Friday we went and hung out with little deaf Kevin and his folks, and played no Pictionary. (We thought it was best to take a break.)