Cheats, damns cheats, and the damn cheating cheaters that draw them…

Oh, we had a quick rematch on the Pictionary, we’re now all tied up in our little pro-league. That’s right, we went from the first round, where we won two of two games, to our return to the field of pencillish battle, where we LOST both games.

Terrible, terrible performance. Misleadingly terrible, I think we were scuppered by our superior play on All Play contests, where we’d beat their asses to the punch, but they, using their naughty skinny skeevy little sneak styles would listen for our awesome guesses, and put them together to win.

This is tantamount to cheating.

Except when we do the same thing, then it’s simply very clever tactics indeed.

In other news, this weeks Stargate Atlantis (season 2 episode 5, for those keeping count) was weird, strange and weird. Cannons can NOT shoot down space ships. You just can’t do it. Anti-aircraft guns, since World War II, have been radar guided, they work in arrays, and they fire huge numbers of rounds per minute, so stick your stupid cannon up your arse next time, ok?

I still like the hardness of Reed, shot through the leg with an arrow? Snap it off and pull it out, what the hell do you care about piffling arrows?

The look of the administrator at the end, though, that was good. I think that actor was too good to waste on a one time bit part.

They need to do some serious work on the makeup of the Wraith, they look like a guy in heavy heavy make-up.

Oh, and that stupid electronic voice modification they do? The same stupid trick they did with the G’ould? They need to not do that either.

On the food front, I’ve been eating too much Chinese food. Last night, while walking George, I went past a place (on Sandringham Rd, across from whatever that little primary school is) with a nice lady who tricked me into ordering a ‘special’ chowmein (but hold the prawns) with crispy noodles, a banana fritter, and half a dozen (surprisingly good) wontons. That was to follow on from the previous nights beef & blackbean sauce, steamed rice, and, errrr, 20 fried dumplings, from the place on Dominion Rd next to Sierra Cafe (not the empty one, the one that’s always full, and has a little $8 sign on the window).