On Sunday, as I was about to drive Claire out to the airport, I did something I think I should be a proud of.

I saw two guys walking along, looking like complete wallies, confused looks on their faces, spinning around looking around, they looked utterly lost, so I said "Can I help you guys? You guys lost?" and they said "No, we’re found, but maybe we can help you." and like magic produced some horrible looking "Christ will save you" pamphlet, not even a Chick tract or anything cool like that. Anyway, I was about to say: "Wow, you guys are completely deluded, I could smell it on you, but I hadn’t quite put two and two together, now, I suggest you get the fuck out of my neighbourhood before I have to put you in the boot of my car with a bag of lime and a shovel, I don’t really have time for a trip up north right now." Instead I said: "You’re talking to the wrong guy." Just like that.

We finished loading the cases into the car as they wandered off, looking completely lost again.

On the way home from the airport, I dropped in to Mitre10 for some supplies, and I drove around the neighbourhood for a couple of hours, but they’d disappeared, I think someone else must have gotten to them first.