Thank you Lord for giving us this day our daily bread, Ramen.

Claire sold her hot gold topped 3SGE powered ’86 Toyota Celica, I hope the new owner has as much fun driving it as I did. It was a nippy little car. A mechanic who had a look at it described the engine to the buyer as "a monster." He also said things along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing here, even if I am putting it in quotes) "it kicks the arse off all the modern ones."

I’m sure that helped the guy make his mind up — it didn’t hurt that he also got a bargain, I’m sure.

In other news, I’m not giving out as many Christmas gifts as in previous years, I guess I’m kind of over being Santa to so many people who won’t make a single bit of effort to maintain our friendships. With all due respect, fuck y’all.

In yet further news, I’ve been eating completely ridiculous amounts of kimchi ramen and teriyaki noodles, I’m considering trying one of those lame ‘eat this stupid thing for a month’ gags you see around the web in various places, don’t think I could stand it, a packet a day for lunch is more than I can stand, hence the occasional omlette or sandwich (or going out for Wendy’s or whatever). I’ve definitely been paying less for lunches since I’ve been running my own business, the whole thing with jumping across the road to Annie’s to grab a tray of rice and dumplings, or curry, or a pie or whatever was so convenient, but so very very bad.

Maybe I should try a month where I can only ‘eat’ what I can drink. Would it be cheating to have Complan or something?

Doing anything along those lines is probably just flirting with the disaster that would be my (satan loving) ulcer making a return, dirty bloody bastard. It really hurts.

Anyway, if any of you Auckland denizens I haven’t seen for a while want to come over for a BBQ or go out for a drink or something, drop me an email.

(Speaking of people I haven’t seen for a while, François, do you read this? I always enjoy your missives, and I can’t wait for you to get the fook back.)

Another note to people overseas, and you know who you are, for future reference if you’re buying food products for people’s Christmas presents, it might be a good idea to NOT have them delivered at the BEGINNING of December.

Jeeze, what a mess of a post, but there you go. Obviously I’ve had too much flavour enhancer 621, 631, and ginger.