The incredible fastness of nerd.

My latest hobby, aside from scaring myself in my sleep, is downloading stuff I don’t really want or care about just so I can watch my ridiculously fast transfer rate.

Oldbies like myself must get a real kick out of this that kids just don’t understand. Anyone else remember watching your zmodem download of some crappy crap from some dodgy 12 hour a day (except when the sysops mum wants to use the line) BBS at 2400… or 9600… or even 14k4?

Now we can grab whatever we want from anywhere in the world at multiple megabits for cheap! (I mean, we’ve been able to do it for spensive for ages, or in the office, you know, on someone elses dime, but I own my company, I’m the boss, so when I do things on the companies dime, who am I screwing?)

Amazing. Wonderful. Etc.