The good and The Bads.

You know how I never talk about seeing live music? Well, mostly I don’t like smokey loud rooms full of sweaty idiots jumping around, but this is different, in this case no one was sweaty, on account of everyone was sitting down.

Went to Odeon to meet up with the Claire, Wheezy & big Karl trio, watched The Bads, who are actually good, and a bit of Pine’s set, they’re also good, something fun and quirky about them.

Anyway, Odeon is a TERRIBLE venue. Maybe it’s designed for old people, but to me music enjoyment means STANDING UP, I mean, sitting down is for Opera and symphonic music, if you’ve got a drumkit and electric guitars, get up.

Also, soooo smokey, come along December, I’m thinking of going out and having a great big fat stogie the day before the smoking ban is enforced, just because. (After all, the only thin more offensive than cigarette smoke is cigar smoke.)

Oh yeah, still growing the beard, don’t know how much longer I can stand it. I’ll try to give it another couple of weeks, I don’t think I’ll keep it long term though.

RIP ODB. Props to the Eskimo’s and the submarines. And a shout out to the school teachers.