Brain cancer and death, but so sweet.

Ever have something you thought you shouldn’t, then discovered you were right?

We were out and about for an early meeting on Friday morning, decided to grab a McDonald’s breakfast, one of their promotions at the moment is a free giveaway of Healtheries’ Boost effervescent tablets, basically a Berocca competitor.

Anyway, this morning I thought I’d try one, dropped it in a glass, and as it was fizzing out had a look at the ingredients, and it turned out to contain phenylalanine (now, I’m not a phenylketonuric, but I do have taste buds, and a fear of this stuffs reputation (when isolated and used in large quantities, as opposed to when consumed in natural quantities)) and it looks like the phenylalanine comes packaged in a big happy bundle with Aspartame!

The thing about this is: Aspartame has been found to have a hell of a lot of pretty awful side effects, from headaches, anxiety attacks and asthma, to irritability, heart palpitations, vision loss, baldness, memory loss, (etc etc etc), but even going as far as brain cancer and death! So it doesn’t sound like something you’d want to make a part of your lunch, you know? Don’t forget who built this crap, the world renowned humanitarian organisation Monsanto.

Thanks Healtheries, but no thanks, next time you want something to be sweet, put some fucking sugar in it.

Oh, the really awful thing is: the stuff tastes NASTY. So, down the drain it goes.