Citizens and White People, Now!

So, to me it seems that poor old Christine Fletcher is starting to get a bit desperate. Feeling forgotten, she starts threatening lame-ass lawsuits left right and centre… Ok, maybe just Centre.

She still hasn’t realised that we don’t want her as mayor I would have thought the whole losing to Banks should have come as something of a hint.

Never mind, she seems to think, old Hubbard looks like he’s getting some publicity out of his lawsuit against NBR, so surely the same thing will happen for her, right? Right?

No, because she’s a lame.

Speaking of lame, and the NBR… I hope the truth about the NBR article leafleting proves that it did come from the Banks camp. I have a feeling they’re scum bags, so it’d be really nice to have some proof.

Big problem with Hubbard though, I just don’t have a really good feeling. He doesn’t come across well in the media, I guess it’s just due to his lack of political experience, he hasn’t got the polish.

I guess he’ll still get my vote though.

Bloody C&R Now aren’t getting any of my votes, but they sure are putting a lot of money into trying — personally address envelopes begging, in fact.

Until they stop being Citizens & White people there is no chance of my position changing.

Not that I think City Vision are super wonderful, but being pretty much Labour & Greens affiliated, they’re closest to my political position. Of the bunch, Cathy Casey gets a big tick, but truth to tell, anyone else who frees up the lovely doggies of our city will get my vote — even if it meant crossing over to the dark side.

Delighted to see Bruce Stockman on the list, he’s standing for council as an independent, we went to school together, he was always a very friendly guy, sounds like his platform is "I’ll listen to you once I’m elected", which is all very well and good, but I’d also like to know what his position is on several key points.

He might get my third tick.

I’m very pleased to see him there though, I harbour semi-secret ambitions of standing for council / community board / parliament / something one day. But not yet, maybe in 20 years.

You’d vote for me, right?

My platform will hinge on the mandatory bulldozing of lots of crappy new townhouses & apartment buildings (hello Hobson St), making lots of parks. Turn off all the traffic on several sections of queen street, making super pedestrian friendly green spaces, get some of that Taxi 2000 goodness going from Britomart up to K Rd, maybe looping along Ponsonby and back into the city. Maybe chuck a couple more loops in, perhaps going from one or two strategically located light rail stations and into the heart of lovely suburbia. Also, dogs are nice.

P.S. Hello greenies, I enjoy having you read my pages… Even if some of you are maybe a tiny bit crazy. I still love you. 🙂