How convenient.

General, Reckons

Woosh, while claiming that the market is presently competitive, and that there is no need for regulators to step in, forget to mention that their product is only doing well thanks to the fact that the market can’t effectively compete because practically everyone have to get their pipes from Telecom, who take a fat cut, and that Telecom has effectively set the DSL prices for everyone with their death grip on the local loop & the southern cross cable, not in spite of this.

The boys at Woosh clearly realise that if there actually was genuine competition in the broadband market, their offering would well and truly fall by the wayside, fast flat rate DSL would fuck their crappy wireless product in the ear hole.

Also, they’ll have a much harder time of it in Wellington, I’d almost go as far as saying that they’ll get their arse handed to them. Our fair capital already has damn fine wireless — and fat-ass pipes running all over the place. It’s one of the few things I find compelling about Wellington, that and the noodles, shame about everything else in the place, especially that "museum," what a joke.

I hope they decide to do something truly innovative, they might manage to hook us if they went for a bit more speed at the same price point. As it is, I’ll stick with my ADSL.

People who actually are being cool and innovative: Wired Country. With plans available through their resellers at only around $65 per month, and speeds at about 1000kbps, this is some good looking stuff – also, unlimited national, as many people are currently enjoying on Jetstream Starter, and a reasonably generous 8 gigs of international traffic.

Big drawback: they’re not available in the city yet, and horrible leach file traders will no doubt ruin the whole thing for everyone.