Sit down, shut up.

So I’m pretty much freaked out by most people’s behaviour, I’d like everyone to stop being such scum, and just learn to get along.

Thankfully there are still a few people around who don’t leave me feeling pity (or fear, or revulsion, &c.), and it’s quite easy to occupy myself with simple moments of entertainment instead of dwelling.

Here are a few rough outlines of things I’m not finding cool, in no particular order, just as they occur to me:

  • The Hikoi of Hatred. Sit down and shut up, 15,000 people on completely the wrong tack. Maybe a couple of hundred who are completely batshit insane (who the hell do you think you are, I was born here just like you, so why should I ask your permission to go to the beach?), and the rest who haven’t figured out that they’re following batshit insane people. Oh, and when I go for a walk, I don’t do it in a car, a bus, a train or a plane. That’s not walking. Lazy bloody maoris.
  • Media beatup of Helen Clark & Labor, just what the hell is going on? How can anyone possibly think that Brash is fit for the job? He’s a fuck-knuckle. How can people be buying his bullshit? Tariana Turei is a cowardly traitor, her weakness is not justification for scuttling the closest thing to a rational government we’ve had in 15 years.
  • Faith (religion, really). If you want to believe in a sky bully, whoopdy doo, I don’t, and I don’t want to hear about your invisible friend, it makes me squirm in embarrasment for you. You’ve been sucked into a scam, and it’s tragic. Please, whatever you do, don’t try to hoist your scam on anyyone else. You have no right to impose your beliefs, let along your ‘morals’ on me or anyone else. Oh, and take responsibility for your own life, it wasn’t the power of the lord on your side that helped you give up smoking, it was will power (or possibly a bit of willpower mixed with a helping of pharmacology). God didn’t save your life in that car accident, physics helped, and later a skilled surgeon. Which leads me to the whole anti-science, non-progressive elements of some religions, stem cell research will save lives, and who knows how many. Get over your "pro life" bullshit, no one likes abortion, everyone in the world hates it, but wouldn’t it be nice for something good to come from it?
  • America, so far down the wrong track, still think they’re a bastion of freedom and democracy, all they really are is a carefully coddled media manipulated power house of greed & stupidity. How can any of them support their ‘president’, don’t they see what he’s been doing? Don’t they noticed all of this lies? Anyone who saw Gore on Letterman a year or two ago must have realised what a terrible horrible injustice it was that Bush stole the election. People that support Bush support: war, hatred, and ignorance.
  • Linda Clark on National Radio. It was a real struggle to find a radio station that didn’t make me want to puke, if it wasn’t the ignorant redneck pig lovers calling in to Radio Pacific, or Leighton ‘big fat conceited fool’ Smith on ZB, it was Mikey ‘let’s pretend I’m not a drug fiend’ Havoc… Finally found a morning show with a smart host, and smart guests, but why does she have to be such a nasty mean bitch? Even just her tone of voice, attacking your guests isn’t the same as being a hard-hitting interviewer. Take 3 deep breaths. Oh God, and the music on National is so terrible!
  • Auckland City Council. What is your goal in increasing the fine for having a dog off the lead to $500? How is this helping anyone? What makes you think you have the mandate to behave like you do? $200 was already $200 too much. Increasing parking costs, increasing parking offense tickets, charging for parking on Sunday, this is also all bullshit, there wasn’t a problem with parking on Sundays in the city, so it wasn’t about making room for people, it was about revenue generation, but you’re generating the revenue from the people you’re meant to be *SERVING*. Justify your self — you’ll still be smashed into a thousand pieces in the coming revolution — but I’m interested to know just who the hell you think you are.
  • Gay marriage. Why is this even an issue? Why can’t a couple of guys marry? Why do we even need to debate over "civil union," why don’t we just realise that what we’ve currently got is an unjust system, let’s get a little equality back into our system. (Oh, but filthy seperatist lesbians, I’m not on your side, you’re still scum – I’m only on the side of nice honest non-man-hating lesbians.)

There you go, a little bile to lighten your day. Disagree?

It’s hard being a conflicted leftist, technophile, libertarian.