All these things.

So many things have happened. I’ll keep it short, and start at the beginning, except for the beer, which is well out of order, in a manner of speaking.

Okay, first, I’ve just had a beer. It was okay.

Second, we got a new scooter: a Suzuki StreetMagic, just like one Hotgirl had stolen a couple of years ago.

Third, we got a new scooter: a Bajaj Chetak, which is one of the Indian made Vespa clones.

Then, we got a new digital camera, a Fujifilm s304, we’re very happy with it, takes awesome crisp photos, makes movies, has a good zoom, etc etc.

Lastly, we’re moving house, not very far, but we hate moving, so we’re hiring a couple of burly men with a big truck to do all the lifting and driving. We have video of the new house, but not many photos yet. I might put some up once we’ve moved. Maybe.

Don’t ask how much this has all cost (except the beer, I’m happy to tell you that was free).