Loquats and small ‘homes’.

General, Reckons

Today I had my first loquat of the season, it was half green, all sour, and all good. Sweet and juicy would be even better, give it a couple of weeks and it’ll be there.

It rules to have an actual garden, with fruit trees and stuff, again.

I don’t understand why people are willing to subject themselves to city apartment dwelling, the time we spent in our Eden Terrace townhouse is about as close as I’d like to get.

The benefit, I’m told, is to be close to everything in the inner city, the problem is there just isn’t anything in the city for me. I go to the movies at St Lukes, where there is ample free parking. And when I’m not shopping in St Lukes, I’m shopping in New Market, where, once again, there is free parking provided.

I don’t understand why people go for litle two room places, let alone the crazies in the one room ‘studio’ apartments.

I’ll just keep my 10 room house in the burbs.