All aboard!

Today, for the first time in my life, I took the train into the city. Good fun too, it’s strange seeing so many buildings that I recognise from such an entirely different perspective, and I had no idea there was so much graffiti around.

We were heading into the city to check out the festival, good fun, they blocked off Queen St to traffic and set up a huge stage and a bunch of stalls, including one for Satya, where we grabbed a couple of wonderful samosas, and Danish Delight, where I got a Devon Cream ice cream with raspberry sauce. Very good. Reminded me of being in the city with my father when I was a little boy (around 7 or 8). Danish Delight has really been around a long time in the city, but I don’t often patronize them (hur hur).

We wandered around and watched fun people dancing in the middle of the street, while kids tried to learn handstands, and my good little girl browsed through the racks of clothes on offer from some of Auckland’s hip young designers.

On the way back to the station to head back out to Mt Eden, we stopped for a glass of milk and a melon juice, and I tried to touch base with a friend, ended up cancelling our trip to the station in favour of dropping in on them for another glass of milk, and a couple of hours worth of conversation, before dragging them back to the estate to prepare us a meal, while we drank wine and ate cheeses.

It’s nice having a quiet day with the flatmates out of here.

By the way, mum, I came over while you were out and borrowed the mower. Let me know if/when you need it back.