Volcano High

The other night we (Jimbo, Lummox (nee. Olderon), HotR & Moi) wandered down into our fair city for a spot of Film Festival Fun… Volcano High was on the menu, and it was güt.

Vaguely reminiscent of Battle Royale (the whole teachers vs. students in a future world in which there have been mass student revolts, etc), only with magic powers rather than crossbows or molotov cocktails.

Looks like it had a much bigger budget, though, with lots of fun CG, and stuff. Also has lots of physical humour, which probably make the laughs much more accessible to the non-Korean speaking audience.

James mentioned something about it being the anti-Harry Potter, and there is definitely some of that in it, though thankfully no podrace^D^D^D^D I mean Quidditch.