The goodness of my city. *kisses Auckland*

It doesn’t rain, but it pours.

So, since we last spoke… Everything has happened.

  • I have work coming out of my ears.
  • I’ve moved house.
  • Had a car crash.
  • Got new toys.
  • And mostly been really really happy.
  • Oh, also had lots of delicious dinners on K Rd.

Auckland is being very kind to me.

Let me start at the beginning… Work. For quite a long time my business was just quietly ticking along, keeping me alive, but not doing much more than that, then suddenly, some time in June, everything just exploded, I got a heap of new clients, I’m working on loads of new sites, and I got an extremely lurative contracting position. So, financially everything is very happy right now.

Next, the car crash, driving with my gorgeous love, Hot Red… Leaving the St Luke’s car park, some guy changes lanes, right into the front of my car, I slammed on the brakes, but still caved his door right. Quite funny, really, the guy jumps out of his car and he’s like "I’m sorry I’m sorry, my fault!" and I said "Uh, yuh!"… Anyway, to cut a short story really short, his door was fucked, and my car didn’t have a single (new) scratch on it. Perfect. One key thing to note – you should probably never drive right away after being in a crash, the chemicals roaring around through my body were quite mood elevating, and as someone who always carries his emotions on the surface I became even more vociferous than usual… Very high indeed.

Then, I bought a new IBM Thinkpad… This goes along with the money thing, I guess. More money, more toys. It’s the way it works, I think.

Possibly the biggest thing to happen though was moving house, talk about a nightmare, anyone who visited the townhouse we were in will know that we had many might steep tight stairs… Manouevering fridges & bookcases was full of fun. Gotta tell you though, three smart strong boys make even tough jobs only moderately tricky. Definitely a lot more talking before moving things, but then right first time every time, including extremely dodgey cantilevering of large heavy items of furniture out of second story windows.

Oh, in the new house we have grass. A garden, with trees and roses. We have a fireplace. And lots of rooms. And real walls (not concrete blocks). It’s a lot colder in real houses than in big concrete erections, I must say. Oh, the wireless works much better in the new place, the wooden walls are like glass compared to the poured concrete and steel plates in the old place.

We haven’t had a flat warming, and I don’t think we will in the conventional sense, but we did have a lovely dinner with a few friends of ours, HoTTT+ Red made a bunch of wonderful curries, and munched on them, and some fresh roti & poppadoms… She even made Raita, super clever girl! YES!!!

That’s all I have for now.