Village of the damned. (Not the movie.)

I set my alarm and got up early so that Hotgirl could have breakfast in bed (poached eggs on toast, and some nice Dilmah tea); then got a call from her dad (Steve) in the UK, it makes her very happy to talk to her dad, but very sad that he’s so far away. So it’s been a very good day so far for the birthday girl.

She dropped me off halfway down Symonds St on her way to work and I mosied down to the Sky City Metro to see if I could pick up some tickets for the first showing of ‘The Matrix : Reloaded’ in a couple of weeks, a couple of people were there waiting outside the locked gates, including an old workmate, so we chatted, and that was nice. Had to wait a while, and as we waited the number of people grew and grew, I was 5th when I arrived.

Anyway, we waited, and eventually about 20 minutes after they were supposed to have opened (with me, all the while, worrying about all the internet sales, and hoping it didn’t sell out while I waited), the gates went up and a big group of people wandered in (very rudely, I thought, many of them going around us, and we’d clearly been there longer than anyone).

Regardless of the rudies, though, I actually ended up being the first to buy any tickets, and got a nice big discount over the internet sales to boot.

Walked up Queen St thinking about breakfast and such, and on the way to the post office to see if any of my clients had been generous enough to pay me for services rendered (3 of them had) I decided that Sushi probably wasn’t a bad idea, and the nice Japanese girl even rolled some up nice and fresh for me, with exactly what I wanted in it (teryaki chicken & double avocado and *no* capsicum), however I did make the mistake of getting a steaming hot cup of miso soup, it’s not good in the morning.

Anyway, get home and have a look at the tickets to try to work out how good the seating was (very) and discovered, to my dismay, that those fucking BASTARDS had given me *NINE* tickets. Of course, as my receipt clearly shows, they had charged me for *TEN*.

As annoying as this was a quick phonecall to the cinema complex has some form of apology wending it’s way to my mailbox, but no ticket for that showing, it’s now long since sold out, of course.

Excellent Service: St Pierres Sushi of Japan (actually of Karangahape Rd, but who am I to quibble, it was delicious).

TERRIBLE Service: Village on Queen.