Softcocks in the surf.

General, Reckons

Another great day on the west coast.

We took George down to the beach again – yesterday he was such a good boy, and had such a great time, that we felt he deserved another, even longer, walk.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos, some of them are great, some of them are not, but when you’ve got a capacity of over 900 shots, who gives a flying donut?

I also went bodyboarding, great fun, even if the waves weren’t being entirely cooperative. Everyone else was wearing a wetsuit, I started off thinking ‘they must think I’m crazy’ and ended up thinking ‘those guys are fucking soft, this isn’t so cold’. You’ll also be pleased to learn I was wearing my ‘tiny shorts.’ Good times.

For dinner we went to Costa’s and got very good pizza and very strange tasting water… Then headed over to the Harbour View hotel for sundaes and hot chocolate. Yummo.

Anyway, that was yesterday, today I’m hoping to go kayaking around the protected inner harbour with red, but she’s not being very enthusiastic about it, and I suppose it is a bit windy, so that might have to wait until tomorrow.

The coffee at Tongue & Groove is very good.