Ski jump in the park.

April 11, 2003
So Claire and I were thinking about going and getting some dinner when people started making a bunch of noise outside… I figured it was nothing, just people in the construction site across the road, something like that, then I heard a bunch of digging, which didn’t sound right… So I had a look out the window, and saw a bunch of guys with shovels and what looked, for a strange moment, like a line of white plastic sandbags.

This didn’t make sense. I had a closer look.

What I saw still made little sense… Why would there be snow in the park, and if there was snow in the park, why would these guys be futzing with it?

How amped am I about this shot?..  Awesome.The snowboards helped bring clarity to the situation. I went outside and approached them, digital camera (with extremely flat batteries) secure in my vice-like grip.

These guys were building a ramp, and a sliderail… I asked them about things, like "where did you find the snow?".. "Oh, we sorta stole it".. "Yeah, from an iceskating rink". Yes yes, I’m paraphrasing. I’m also leaving out all the young snowboarder guy talk. And the fact they weren’t at all interested in my questions, but were instead completely focussed on building a nice kicker.

Crashing snowboarder destroys the rail...I said I wanted to see some injuries, and that instead of making sure the rail was firmly affixed, they should be riding their boards. They didn’t seem to be entirely sure if I was kidding.

I got a couple of snaps… Then the dreaded red-light of doom came on. Fucking batteries.

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