Hokey magician sort of cool.

I’m being so lame with this site lately. Nothing new. Just lots of hollow promises. Most of which I don’t even bother to write down, what does it mean when you even break promises to yourself.

Anyway, this afternoon I’ve been enjoying Penn Jillette’s blog. Now, he doesn’t call it that, or at least he hasn’t in any of the ones I’ve read so far, but it certainly seems like a blog. I like his writing, theres a certain whimsy about it. And plus, those guys seem pretty cool, you know?.. I mean, in a hokey magician sort of way, I have trouble, possibly thanks to Paul Daniels and David Copperfield, thinking of magic as cool. But still, they sometimes manage it.

You know who isn’t cool?.. Jim Rose. Fucking hack bastard. (short story, but I’m so lame (see above) that I can’t even be bothered relating it).

Penn’s blog.