George takes a shot for the team.

Up at the crack of 10am to take George to the vet, last of his parvo shots, first of his lepto shots… And a bothering with a thermometer, poor boy.

Afterwards we treated him to another run-around in Gribblehurst Park, he likes to jump up on children and lick their faces, this causes them some concern, and us even more – it’s terrifying to consider the possibility of him nipping some kids nose, I don’t ever want to have to deal with that.

Some PHP work for a new client later in the afternoon, then Francois dropped by, we’re probably gonna go skiing / snowboarding in a week or so, and needed to think about that a bit… Which turned into a gigantically fat belly after popping in to a franchise Indian food place (which was actually quite good).

Oh, also got a new CF card for the camera (ostensibly for the ski trip), can now take nearly a thousand photos on the go, nice one. 🙂