CheapAss DishScraper 2000

The Gaping Maw of DoomIt appears I forgot to mention that I managed to get the dishwasher going! It’s our good new ninety dollar friend.

Previously, drrrty dishes would pile up in the sink until they overflowed onto the floor.

This would result in little red saying things like "I think someone should do the dishes", this would be met with responses like:

  • "I don’t want to" from me.
  • Pathetic girlish crying from Dylzno.
  • Or even: doing the dishes from Callum.

Now, it’s a race between the flatmates to see who can get the dishes done first, except Dylzno, you’d probably have to hit him with a cattle prod to get him to actually do something, also, he probably doesn’t even know that we have a dishwasher*. Also, Callum hasn’t bothered yet, but he’s only made one dirty plate, anyway.

* This is a lie, he knows full well.