Snapped out of our happy dozing by an animalistic scream from across the park… Jumped out of bed to peek out the window and get to watch someone smashing the hell out of a car with a bat… Hot red grabs the phone to call the police while I keep an eye out, young Dylan appears on the deck beneath our window with his scanner, eventually the police start to arrive, first comes a delta unit, then the eagle police helicopter. The police dispatcher asks that we go across to identify the house etc, so we do, we get there as the delta guy gets his dog out of the back of the wagon and starts sniffing the various scents around the place "Wait right there guys!", so we do. He takes off up the side of the house, another car appears, Dylan points the officer up the side of the same house, he dissapears, another cop arrives, according to Dylan’s scanner, Eagle was hovering over the ‘suspect’ (as if there’s any doubt, right?) telling the delta guy where to go… They bring a little-man down the side of the house, with a bit of scuffling and complaining, I’d never be as stroppy with police as this guy, but then I’m not a retard, and I’m not usually drunk, not very anyway. So there he is, scuffling with a bunch of cops, even as more arrive… And there we are, watching and snickering… "Why don’t you guys do your jobs" or some equally ridiculous crap… Anyway, we gave a statement, and drifted back to the house.

What an excellent suburb. And what an excellent police force. Didn’t need guns or anything.