My Shiny Head

I have a shiny head.

Oh yes I do. Don’t believe me?.. Just have a look.

I usually wear a #1 style, this time, I used my happy clippers, then jumped in the shower to soften it all up, lathered up, and shaved it off.

Some points I want to note:

  • Even after lubricating my head with Gillette Shaving Gel, I got a number of nasty little shaving cuts – the skin on your head is not as used to this as the skin on your face.
  • Your head will probably be a bit embarassingly spotty, at least to begin with.
  • Use a new blade.
  • Moisturize when you’re done – if you’re not doing this with your face after shaving now, you should do that too, how long do you think you’re going to be using your face?
  • Wear sunscreen on your head! A peeling head is not attractive.

This is only the second time I’ve shaved my hair this short, it’s been much more successful this time. But I don’t know if I’ll keep it this way, too much maintenance.