My Birthday (2002)

I’m 25 now. Not long till I’m 40… And then dead.

It was a good day, I didn’t really ask for anything for my birthday, but I got a bunch of cool things… A nice bag thing so I can carry all my stuff around, books… An aquarium and beer… Clothes… Chocolate… You know, all the good stuff.

My mother came over early in the day, we sat out in the wind on the deck, it was good…

In the evening we had a BBQ, young Ryan came… James & Heloise too… Which was nice, I don’t see enough of them (outside of Seido, I mean).

Drank perhaps a little too much – not drunk drunk, but drunk.

Later – around 11 – we went to Gamestream for a game of Empire Earth, if it hadn’t been for the strategic alliances, I would have been bombed off the map, as it was I was a tolerated annoyance. Heh. At least I made it right through, unlike softcock.

Damn I took a lot of pictures… All the better to share, yeah?.. Righto.