Stupid Teenager Bag Snatchers

(4.30pm, April 15, 2002)

I didn’t see the beginning of this hot police action, but apparently the hatchback pulls up on the side of the road next to Henty’s at the top of New North Road, male passenger in red jumps out, pushes over the Asian business woman, grabs her bag, jumps back in the car and jams it… Young cross country running boy spots this, and chases the car as it makes a series of TERRIBLE navigation choices, and drives down our Cul de Sac, ends up squealing to a halt about 20 metres away from our place.

Pictures taken as events unfolded.

Driver makes a run for it, leaving his mate in the red shirt in the car, and his girlfriend sitting quietly in the passenger seat.

Young cross country boy catches up with the car, the boys from next door perk their ears up, little red goes out onto the deck… Asian Business Woman arrives… Shouting about how she just wants her papers back, she doesn’t care about the money… Little Red asks if she wants police, she does. I call.

Red shirt tries to make a run for it, three guys chase him, catch him in seconds, and jump his ass. He’s on the ground, one of them applies a skilful arm bar. I finish on the phone and walk down the stairs and go outside (partly hoping the guy is going to go nutso so I can smack him one), about 30 seconds later the first patrol car arrives, I point him at the guy in the red shirt, some other guy is on his mobile talking to the police as well.

The cop puts the cuffs on the guy, talks to the business woman, then cuffs red shirt to the front of his car as he makes further enquiries.

I talk to a plasterer from up the road who has come to watch… Then I talk to the cross country runner boy… Meanwhile little red has been taking some photos.

Fun. I’m pretty sure they got the bag back for the business woman.

Stupid little jerks.

I just went and had a look out the window, red shirt is still in the back of one of the patrol cars, looking bored… Yeah, it’ll be boring in a cell for a while, as well. Bet your dad gives you a good kicking, dickhead. One of the officers is now talking to the girlfriend, they were probably trying to impress her, guys can be so lame.