In 2003 Claire started to feel really burnt out, she works very hard and is extremely clever, so her workplace relies on her to do wonderful things, this leads to a whole bunch of stress, anyway, we decided we should take a holiday somewhere, a friend of ours was getting married in Samoa so we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone, hit the wedding, then have a week or so lying around on the beach getting nasty burns, and being treated strangely by the locals.

Well, to make a short story pretty brief, the travel agent – Itchy Feet- fucked us around, so we said "Right, forget about it, we’re going somewhere else, and we’re not using you to take us there, bye."

So we headed off to Flight Centre, where we were helped extremely efficiently and professionally, and ended up deciding to hit Bali, I guess it was some time around the end of November or the beginning or December, andwe decided the best time for us to travel would be late January / February, so that was that, we booked and everything was nice.

Oh, one thing, don’t take their insurance, their rates suck, we went with ASB for the same level of cover but about 50% of the price (and no excess!).

While I was away, I kept a journal, just so I could keep a record of all of the things we did, I didn’t quite do that, but I did do something, and here it is.

Day 1